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Outdoor Surrounds
  Bamboo Fencing
  Bamboo Poles
  Umbrella Palapa & Thatch
  Bamboo Tiki Hut - Tea House
  Bamboo Tiki Bar
  Screens and Shades

Interior Panels
  Bamboo Matting
  Bamboo Woven Panels
  Bamboo Flooring
  Bamboo Decking- weave core
  Bamboo Bed

Interior Elements
  Home & Commercial Designs
  Bamboo Ladders
   Manila Ropes


As bamboo is rediscovered in Southeast Asian countries for its excellent elasticity, lightness, hardness, strength and beauty, it is  being used more and more in modern and demanding construction. It is the building material that Asian architects are turning to not only for its traditional values but for its natural strength and eco-friendly renew ability.
Here at Bamboo Creasian we are uniquely positioned to participate in this renaissance of bamboo construction and decoration.

Our showroom in Huntington Beach, California can provide off–the-shelf design elements or ideas for your own unique designs.
As it reappears on the American design scene, bamboo brings with it a newfound respect and popularity. Come to Bamboo Creasian Bamboo to reconnect with bamboo and share in the excitement.


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