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Outdoor Surrounds
  Bamboo Fencing
  Bamboo Poles
  Umbrella Palapa & Thatch
  Bamboo Tiki Hut - Tea House
  Bamboo Tiki Bar
  Screens and Shades

Interior Panels
  Bamboo Matting
  Bamboo Woven Panels
  Bamboo Flooring
  Bamboo Decking- weave core
  Bamboo Bed

Interior Elements
  Home & Commercial Resorts
  Bamboo Ladders
   Manila Ropes


wholesale Program

In order to take advantage of the wholesaler program, we require you provide one of the following as documentation:

Resale Certificate
  Sales Tax Certificate

All Purchase are made using credit card, prepaid check . All prices listed in the online store are considered retail All firms doing business in the state of California will be charged 8.25% sales tax unless a resale certificate has been issued by the State of California.


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